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The Brilliant Club Scholars' programme
The Brilliant Club is a not for profit organisation that aims to widen access to top universities for children from under represented groups.  Pupils selected to take part attend a launch trip to the partner University, (in the North East this is currently Durham or Newcastle) experience working with a PhD tutor on a project in a choice of subjects, complete a dissertation which is marked, and attend a Graduation ceremony at the university with their parents and teachers.
For more information, visit the Brilliant Club website
Character Education
Character education is an umbrella term loosely used to describe the teaching of children in a manner that will help them develop variously as moral, civic, good, mannered, behaved, non-bullying, healthy, critical, successful, traditional, compliant or socially acceptable beings.
The Jubilee Centre at the University of Birmingham has carried out pioneering research into Character Education, and their reports and resources can be downloaded free of charge from their website.
Enabling Enterprise has also produced a guide to Character education, which can be downloaded free of charge here.
 Enabling Enterprise
Aspire Learning Partnership is currently working in partnership with Enabling Enterprise.  EE is a not for profit organisation which supports schools to deliver a project based programme aimed at developing pupils' enterprise and employability skills. The programme is comprehensive, as it offers staff CPD, access to lesson time projects suitable for all year groups, a skills development matrix and an assessment tool.
Find out more about Enabling Enterprise on their website.
Inspiring the Future
Inspiring the Future has been set up with the aim of putting schools in touch with local employees who are willing to give up their time to come into schools and talk to children about their jobs. 
You will need to register to access the database - this is free of charge to do.
Have a look at this film which explains how the service works and visit their website to register and find out more information.
Their related sister organisations Primary futures, and Inspiring Women, may also be of interest.
Kids Konnect
Kids Connect is a not for profit organisation based in Teesside, which works with schools and youth Groups to deliver a range of character building activities.  These include, Key Stage 1 & 2 music curriculum, Team building activities for KS2, Overnight residential, Guided walks, Small Group work for children with additional needs, lunch time clubs and drop ins, Archery and Mash Up football.
For more information, visit the Kidz Konnect website or contact Alan Lonsdale, Youth Development Manager on
Inspire 2 Learn
Our local centre, Inspire 2 Learn, runs a variety of events, workshops and training opportunity for schools each year.  Their programme of events for this year can be accessed below, and have a look at their website here
Tycoon In Schools
Tycoon In Schools is a free national enterprise competition (sponsored by the entrepreneur and Dragon, Peter Jones) which aims to encourage the UK's budding entrepreneurs to get involved in business by giving them a start up loan of between £50 and £1000 to run a business while at school or college.  For more information see
Department for education - "Getting Ready for Work" November 2016
Following Lord Young’s report in 2014, ‘Enterprise for all’, this report investigates the availability and effectiveness of enterprise education and work-related learning for pupils in secondary schools. In the course of their visits to 40 secondary schools, inspectors also looked at how well schools and businesses were engaging with each other and how these schools were promoting alternatives to university, including apprenticeships.


James Dyson Ideas Box
The James Dyson Foundation developed the Ideas Box to challenge students to find inspiration in everyday objects and develop ideas. To identify problems and use their creativity to find solutions. The Box helps teachers nurture the skills needed for the next generation of engineers.

The Ideas Box is a product analysis and design kit to teach engineering. It also has links to literacy, numeracy and enterprise. It includes:

  • 1 Dyson Air MultiplierTM fan as a case study
  • Teacher’s Pack with lesson plans and instructions
  • Posters for the classroom
More information on the James Dyson website on this link.
SkillForce is a national education charity.  Their instructors are mainly ex service personnel who act as role models and mentors for the young people they work with.  They run a number of different programmes which can be delivered to groups of children in school and during the holidays.  Their programmes aim to develop skills and character and build resilience and self-confidence.  Their patron is Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.  Details of their programmes can be found on the links below, or on their website here.
Tesco - Eat Happy Project
Tesco run a scheme called "Eat Happy" or "Farm to Fork" where they offer a visit for a group of children to a local store, and talk to them about where their food has come from and how it makes it to the store. Schools can also visit local suppliers, or have a Skype connection to a supplier in the classroom. More information and free resources for schools to download can be found on their website here.
The YES programme
The YES Programme is a career-linked learning resource that gives primary learners a bespoke, engaging and motivating window into the world of work. They have developed a library of short films which can be used to enrich curriculum topics and link them to the world of work.  Their aim is to broaden the horizons of learners and help them to “connect learning to life”. A number of Aspire schools have a subscription to use the resource until summer 2017 - check with your Head teacher or Enterprise Lead for the login details.
More information about the programme and information about how to subscribe can be found on their website.
Young Enterprise
Young Enterprise is a charity that aims to empower young people to harness their personal and business skills. They aim to make the connection between school and the world of work, enabling young people to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed building on 8 key skills. They work with volunteers from businesses who support and work with children during the programmes.
They offer a range of programmes suitable for different school phases.  They also run the annual Virgin Money Fiver Challenge, Tenner Challenge and Company Programme, in which children are given an investment which they use to build a business and make a profit. As well as their published programmes, they will work with schools to build a bespoke event - Aspire worked with them to run a Dragon's Den event in partnership with Teesside University.
There is more detail on their website here.
Ultra Kids Club
Teaches entrepreneurship in primary schools over the course of an academic year or term.  the activities are tailored around prompting children to think creatively, understanding entrepreneurial values and to begin thinking how these values could benefit them and their community.
BizSchool Limited
Children run a pupil managed event and the 20 minute Pop-up Challenge with a £6 investment per team.  the course builds towards the Bear's Cave where teams of students present their business plans to the Business Bears.  Each presentation and business plan is assessed with the strongest business idea winning.  the class then splits into nine business departments to refine and improve the business.  The business launches and trades for a defined period before winding up and distributing the profits between a charity and a class treat. the cost is £1300 per school but BizSchool will liaise with a local business to sponsor and fund 50% of the cost.  For more information see
Stepping Into Business - Entreprenaws
An educational enterprise app to teach business and enterprise -

Primary Engineer Programme

Historically, many engineers were inspired by their father or grandfather. But what if children don’t have these role models? And what if you are more likely to be inspired by people of the same gender?

How can we make careers in engineering of interest to all, irrespective of gender or socio-economic background?

Find out more about the primary engineer programme, which links schools and engineers to inspire the next generation on their website here