Aspire 2 Achieve - Our World of Work Programme

The Aspire Learning Partnership has introduced an exciting programme of opportunities to help broaden the understanding of our Key Stage 2 children in a number of areas.  We aim to equip them with information they need to make informed choices about their future - both in the World of Work and further and higher education, while at the same time, supporting them to gain the skills and attributes that employers are looking for.
For more information about the programme, please contact the Trust Business Manager Sue Cochrane on
Scrapheap Challenge
On Tuesday 10th November, teams of Year 4 children from across our schools met at Inspire 2 Learn to take part in a Scrapheap Challenge.  Their task was to design and create a Space Hotel from materials donated by Percy's Scrapstore in Middlesbrough. They were supported on the day by volunteers from Durham and Teesside Universities and kept in touch, via a live link, with colleagues back in schools, who were responsible for marketing and advertising the Hotel.
As well as being great fun, the challenge had a serious purpose.  Through the challenge the children were learning important skills necessary to success in the workplace - leadership, teamwork, communication, planning, organising and co-operation.  In addition they were experiencing what it is like to be involved in a real workplace project, working with a team of collegaues to a tight deadline.
The Scrapheap Challenge was the first of a series of opportunities available to children in the Partnership Schools this year through our aspirations programme, Aspire 2 Achieve.  Check out our photographs of the day below,and find out more on the Inspire 2 Learn website.
The Brilliant Club
Children from our schools have been taking part in the Brilliant Club Scholars' Programme during the Autumn Term.
The programme aims to widen access to the best universities to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Our children are working with PhD students from Durham University on a challenging programme of study over a 4 week period, and have to produce a 1000 word dissertation at the end of the programme, which will be marked and graded by their tutors.
The programme launched with a visit to Durham University, which the children throroughly enjoyed. They were able to meet real life students, to find out more about student life, and visited the University campus.  They also took part in study skills workshops, and sessions to find out about the benefits of going to university.
At the end of the programme, the children who complete their dissertation will attend a graduation ceremony with their parents at Durham University.
To find out more about the Brilliant Club, please visit their website