Aspire Arts 2017

The Aspire Learning Partnership is very proud to present its first Aspire Arts project. Working in partnership with Cleveland College of Art and Design, Janet Barker and other local artists, the Partnership has designed this exciting project to engage pupils and their families in arts activity, develop their creative skills and confidence and understand how their skills can be used in careers in the creative industries.

Made possible by generous funding from the Arts Council Grants for the Arts programme, and the Ernest Cook Trust, the children have experienced stimulus visits to the CCAD graduate show, to Saltburn and the North Yorkshire Moors and to MIMA to find out how art is chosen and curated for an exhibition. They have worked with artists including Janet Barker, textile artist, Kevin Howard, photographer and professional artist, Margaret Hayden. During creative sessions with Janet, they have created their own artwork inspired by these experiences and the skills they have developed. They have gained insight into the work of professional, local artists as well as more direction and inspiration about how they might progress their own artistic interests.

Working alongside pupils, teachers have developed their own skills, exploring ways of using creative approaches effectively in the classroom and networking to share ideas and best practice, to create a lasting legacy. The Partnership will evaluate the project and continue to work with staff and other partner organisations to develop staff’s skills and embed creative approaches in the classroom in the longer term.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their invaluable support in delivering the project, and particularly Cleveland College of Art and Design for hosting the launch of the exhibition of work on Wednesday 13th December 2017, to which school staff, parents, pupils and everyone who has supported us with the project will be invited.

Aspire Arts Exhibition at CCAD
The children's work was exhibited at a wonderful launch show at Cleveland College of Art and Design on Wednesday 13th December 2017. The event was attended by parents and children, teachers and Head Teachers, Governors, the Head of Education, David Major, MYP for Redcar and Cleveland, Kellen Hadfield and other invited guests.
It was wonderful to see the pride of the children and parents in their work. The audience was addressed by Mal Fitzgerald, Chair of ALP, Kellen Hadfield, and Liam Bradley, Head of Student Recruitment at CCAD. They all spoke of the importance of developing children's creative skills and confidence, how this is important to their overall wellbeing and academic development, and crucial to the future development of the UK economy, to which creative industries are a key contributor.
ALP is grateful for the support of CCAD throughout the project, without which it would not have been the success it has, and particularly for allowing us to use their beautiful venue, which raised the value and importance of the children's work in so many eyes.
Photographs of the evening can be viewed on this ink.

Aspire Arts 2017

Coast and Country Exhibition

Wednesday the 13th December 2017 – Exhibition Launch Show at Cleveland College of Art and Design, Green Lane Campus, Middlesbrough, TS5 7RJ

Touring Dates:

15.1.18 to 21.1.18

Whale Hill Primary School

22.1.18 to 28.1.18

Grangetown Primary School

29.1.18 to 4.2.18

South Bank Primary School

5.2.18 to 11.2.18

Teesville Primary School

19.2.18  to 25.2.18

Overfields Primary School

26.2.18 to 4.3.18

Bankfields Primary School

 5.3.18 to 9.3.18

 Wilton Primary School


We would like to thank the following people, without whose involvement, the project would not have been possible:

  • Janet Barker – Textile Artist and art teacher

  • Margaret Hayden – Artist and art teacher

  • Liam Bradley - Student Recruitment Manager, Cleveland College of Art and Design

  • Kevin Howard – Photographer

  • Sara Calgie – Artist, START Studio

  • Eileen Atkins, Culture Bridge North East

  • Claire Pounder – MIMA

  • Karen McGarrity – Redcar and Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency

and all of the children, school staff and parents who have worked so hard to bring the project to life.