Our Trust Council is made up of 2 children from each of the Partnership Schools.  The aim of the Council is to raise awareness of the Trust amongst our pupils, and to feedback pupils' views on Trust activities to the Trust Board.  The Council is a mechanism by which we consult and take the views of the pupils - our Stakeholders - into account.
The Trust Council is led by Mrs Petrie, Head Teacher at Bankfields Primary School, and will meet at least once a term. Information about the work of the Council will be updated on this page.
The Trust Council met on 26th May 2016.  As this was the first meeting with current Trust Councillors, the session was used to introduce children rom different schools to one another and children were asked to share information on what they know and understand about the Trust.
Here is what the children told us:
"There are 8 schools in the Trust and we know the names of all 8 schools"
"All the schools have their own Logo, but the Trust has a Logo"
"I have learnt more about other schools in the area"
"It has helped me not be scared to talk to children I don't know"
"We get to learn and talk with people we didn't know"
"The Trust has made me less scared of meeting new people"
"Money that is raised goes to each school"
"The Trust is giving children lots of opportunities"
"The Trust organises lots of activities for all the schools"
"It spreads the cost between the schools so there is more money for each school"
"The Trust buys things together so it's cheaper and there's more money to spend on children" "Activities like the £5.00 challenge, Shine, Brilliant Club and sports tournaments are included in the Trust"
"It encourages schools to work as a team"
"Gives us good ideas from other schools"
"Sometimes the children need more information about it from the adults"
The Trust Council met in November 2016 to work together on a Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy.  The children discussed what it means to be safe and thought about all the ways that their school and the Trust keeps them safe and teaches them to keep themselves safe.  Please have a look at the results of their work below, which they are very proud of.