Virgin Money Fiver Challenge - Launch Day

2nd June 2015
One of the primary aims of the Apsire Partnership is to promote the development of workplace and enterprise skills in our pupils.  Pupils from all 8 schools are currently taking part in the Virgin Money Fiver Challenge.  Each team receives investment of £5 from Virgin Money and create mini-businesses to make a profit from the original investment.  On 2nd June, we held a launch day, organised by Young Enterprise, at which the pupils learnt about business and enterprise, how to write a business plan and how teamwork can help make a business successful.  They went back into their schools and cascaded their learning to other pupils.   The challenge runs for 4 weeks, and at the end, schools will decide what to spend their profit on.  Check out our blog on the link below, to see how our schools are progressing on the challenge, and take a look at the coverage of the launch event in the Gazette.