Whale Hill Primary School

At Whale Hill we value all of our pupils equally, respecting their individuality and seeking to develop their fullest potential.
Our aim is:
  • To nurture happy, lively and well-balanced children with active and enquiring minds.
  • To develop childrens knowledge and enhance their skills.
  • To foster tolerance, respect for others and increase childrens awareness of moral and spiritual values.
  • To help children to become active participants and responsible citizens, able to live their lives as completely as they are equipped to live.
Our expectations of children are always high. We want them to work hard, enjoy school life, behave appropriately and take responsibility within the school. "Continuous Improvement towards the very best imaginable"
Head Teacher: Mrs Melanie Mellor 
Whale Hill Primary School
Sandsend Road
TS6 8AD.
Tel: (01642) 454339
Fax: (01642) 454339
email: whale_hill_primary_school@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk